About US


who is the digital monk?


Throughout history monks have gained unlimited access to information that most of us don’t understand. They take this information and make it useful to assist others. The Monk is honest, resourceful and calm under all circumstances.

As you know, the marketing landscape is ever changing. With so much information out there, it can easily become overwhelming.

The Digital Monk sees clearly how all these pieces work collaboratively. With personalized attention and a focus on the authenticity of your brand, we will work one on one with you and your team to create strategies that cut through the chaos and place you at the forefront of the digital marketing world.

Our boutique, all in house team works closely with you to strategize and reach your marketing goals.

With consistent communication, and personalized, local service, we work with you as a team allowing us to provide real time solutions in a fast paced environment.


Our Team


kate hutchinson

Kate Hutchinson is a creative videographer with an eye for making her clients look their best and helping them sound their best. Not only does she capture moments on video but also helps guide each client through a process to make their message clear and concise for video. Kate has a background in broadcast media. She worked as a news anchor, morning show host and worked behind the scenes as a producer, editor and camera operator. With experience on both sides of the camera Kate knows the stress of looking good and sounding your best, that's why she make sure her clients are well prepared ahead of a day of filming. When not working Kate enjoys spending time on Vancouver Island with her family and at the family cottage, or spending a happy hour with friends in Calgary!


emma harding

I’m originally from London where I was inspired by the serial entrepreneur and marketing genius Sir Richard Branson. I was always so excited to see what he would do next and how daring his new campaigns would be. It was always incredible to see how well he connected with his clients as well as his team.

His philosophy is a huge drive in my approach to social media management and experiential marketing.  I truly believe a genuine connection with your ideal client is what drives success, and not being afraid to step out of a comfort zone and truly connect with people on a deeper level is what will make your business stand out.

My marketing career began in radio where I worked in Promotions & Marketing with major market radio stations. In this role I worked directly with large scale businesses who were using radio as a medium to connect with potential clients. My passion was matching the company’s visions and goals with the radio station’s philosophies and marketing approaches, and then connecting the dots all the way to the listener. It’s not an easy task to keep everyone happy AND gain noticeable results in this medium, but I loved that challenge and enjoyed not only working on the online elements of social media, but also creating fun and exciting events that drew prospective clients to the businesses I was working with.

I am excited to be able to continue using these approaches and creating marketing strategies that create a buzz and develop brand loyalty daily with Digital Monk Marketing. I look forward to working with you and creating an outstanding online or experiential campaign for your business!